Building a better Clay County for today, and tomorrow...

Clay County BDA

​​​Clay County Business Development Authority
P.O. Box 57
300 Center Street
Clay, West Virginia 25043



Board Of Directors:

Mitch DeBoard - President

Mike Moles - Vice President
Debora Saulsgiver - Treasurer
Terri Smith - Secretary

 Roger Hanshaw

Linda Rhodes

Roger Keen

Greg Fitzwater

Michael Shamblin

Maria Moles

Josh Shamblin

Danny Berry

Gage Bass

Clay County Business Development Authority

Regular Meeting

March 9, 2020 at 6:30 pm

Call to order

Minutes of previous meetings

Treasurer's report

FEMA Update

Clarification for reimbursemet

Donation to Apple Festival for Casino night

Ad for yearbook

Fund raising committee