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                              REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

The CLAY COUNTY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY RECREATIONAL TRAIL has recently been devastated by the effects of severe storms and  flooding. (FEMA-DR# 4273-WV).  We are in the process of planning and executing a massive recovery program. To that end, the Business Development seeks a professional consultant or consulting firm to provide expertise to augment our capabilities to recover the maximum financial recovery from FEMA and West Virginia State. The ideal Consultant shall possess demonstrated experience in programmatic disaster recovery and must have intimate knowledge and expertise in the operations of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance Program including hazard mitigation.

                                     SCOPE OF WORK:

The selected Consultant shall assist the Clay County Business Development Authority with the following duties and others as mutually agreed upon:
* Provide technical advisory services related to recovery from disasters.
* Develop and implement strategies designated to maximize federal and state assistance.
* Provide expert programmatic and policy advice on federal disaster relief programs.
* Provide support for strategic planning and coordination of all recovery efforts.
* Review contracts and purchasing documentation to ensure cost recovery.
* Represent the Clay County Business Development Authority and attend meetings with FEMA/WVSOEM on behalf of the Business Development.
* Damage Site Assessment & Project Worksheet Formulation.
* Identify Potential Improvement & Maximize Public Assistance 406-Mitigation Funding.
* Meet with the Clay County Business Development Authority and Collect/Compile Cost Documentation for PW’s.
* Document permit requirements; Maintain Code Compliance ( building, floodplain, etc.).
* Provide assistance and oversight with claims.
* Interaction with the Business Developments Adjusting Firm.
* Process the Business Development’s Progress Payment Requests.
* Work with Officials to resolve disputes with FEMA and/or WVSOEM, including Preparation of Appeals.
* Provide Grant Close-Out Services to ensure funding is retained.

                                 SPECIAL CONDITIONS:

1. The selection of a consultant will not guarantee any minimum amount of services under the contract.
2. Where applicable, the Clay County Business Development Authority will perform administrative and document processing tasks to maximize return.
3. The Clay County Business Development Authority reserves the right to reject any or all proposals; to negotiate any elements of a proposal; to conduct interviews at its sole discretion; and to solicit and/or select contractors outside of the scope of this RFP.
4. The Clay County Business Development Authority assumes no responsibility or liability for costs incurred by respondents to this request, including any requests for additional information, interviews or negotiations.
5. All applicable State and Federal rules and regulations must be adhered to by the consultant including stipulations on equal opportunity employment, affirmative action, nondiscrimination and recordkeeping.

                           RESPONSE REQUIREMENTS:

To properly evaluate each firm, the following materials and information should be submitted in each firm’s response:
* Letter proposal indicating the consultant’s interest. 
* Background and experience of the firm.
* A description of the project team and team’s approach/methodology.
* An organizational chart showing the proposed project team.
* Biographies or resumes for each member of the project team.
* Management plan for the project.
* Demonstrated understanding of the project and area.
* References and contact information for similar completed projects.
* Fee Schedule: submit a fee schedule showing hourly rates and an itemized list of all direct and indirect costs associated with the performance of this contract.

                           CRITERIA FOR SELECTION:

The responses to the RFP will be reviewed and the most qualified firm will be selected based on evaluation of the following criteria:
* Previous relevant and successful experience and qualifications.
* Proposed methodology.
* Management plan for the project.
* Understanding of the project and area.
* Prior experience with comparable entities.
* Cost Effectiveness. 
* Timeliness of proposal.

                 Form of Submission and Consultant Selection:
Interested parties will submit (1) one hard-copy and (1) email-copy.

Proposals are due at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, May 5, 2017, and should be sent to:

                   Clay County Business Development Authority
                   P.O. Box 57
                   Clay, WV  25043


All respondents will be notified of the selection as soon as possible after the submission deadline. The Business Development may conduct phone interviews of one or more proposers.  

Clay County Business Development Authority
P.O. Box 57
300 Center Street
Clay, West Virginia 25043

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